Congreso de Latinos Unidos Inc.

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Congreso de Latinos Unidos Inc.
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Who We Are:
Congreso de Latinos Unidos is a community-based nonprofit organization located in Philadelphia that strengthens Latino communities through social, economic, education, and health services, leadership development, and advocacy.

What we do:
Congreso delivers comprehensive social services, including children and youth services, neighborhood and family stabilization, and workforce development services. We also have a health promotion and wellness division that provides Family Health Services, Behavioral Health, HIV/AIDS services, and a Health Center. Through these programs, we deliver the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s first bilingual domestic violence program, a support group for pregnant teens, adolescent and adult outpatient drug and alcohol services, individual and group therapy, HIV education, counseling and testing, family planning, nutrition, and childhood obesity prevention education, amongst other services.

The Latino population Congreso serves is one of the fastest growing populations in Philadelphia. Congreso is located in a medically underserved area and in a health professions shortage area. Twenty-nine percent of Latinos are uninsured in the target area and nearly 23,000 people have not seen a doctor in the past year. There are 93,500 people without access to care in Congreso’s service area. Fifty-one percent of Congreso’s clients report that their children do not have timely access to care, while 34 percent of Congreso’s clients report accessing care in the emergency room instead of a doctor’s office. Sixty-eight percent of our clients have a chronic condition, and 58 percent of our client’s children have been diagnosed with asthma. At our most recent health fair, over 70 percent of those screened had high blood pressure, and over 50 percent were considered obese by American Diabetic Association standards.

Through our Health Promotion and Wellness Division, Congreso will soon deliver primary care services to meet our community where they are, and guide them towards healthier life choices.

Our story:
Founded in 1977, Congreso began as a volunteer organization providing drug and alcohol education and counseling to the surrounding community. Congreso’s growth has paralleled the growth of the Latino community, which is now at 187,611 or 12% of the population (U.S. Census Bureau, 2010). This growth has enhanced the diversity and potential of the community, but also created new challenges, such as low educational attainment, poverty, teen pregnancy, high rates of unemployment, substance abuse, and violence. In response to this growth, Congreso has expanded into a multi-service organization that offers a menu of education, employment, health, and family support services to address these problems. Congreso now has over 200 bilingual and multicultural employees and volunteers who make this possible. Congreso serves over 15,000 clients a year.


Our Contact info:

Congreso de Latinos Unido
216 West Somerset Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19133


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