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DFW Business Group on Health
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Who We Are:
The Dallas-Fort Worth Business Group on Health (DFWBGH) is a coalition of DFW area employers committed to improving the health of diverse workforces, empowering employees to make informed healthcare decisions, and ensuring that employees and their families receive high quality, cost-effective healthcare when needed. We share a common vision with a diverse group of community partners who support employer-based initiatives that empower people to live healthier lives.

DFWBGH is based in the southwest U.S. where racial and ethnic backgrounds present increased risk and incidence of chronic conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Thus, DFWBGH also serves as a leading advocate for accountable health care systems that deliver high quality, safe and cost-effective healthcare to all members of our community, regardless of race, ethnicity or culture.

What we do:
Our coalition provide education, worksite health improvement programs and decision-support tools for employers throughout North Texas, including over 130 members who provide health benefits for approximately 258,530 DFW area employees and their families, and even more outside this area.

Our educational programs support employers’ efforts to address the health-related needs of their diverse employee populations that reflect the racial, gender, ethnic and cultural diversity of the DFW Metroplex. Our worksite educational programs and health improvement demonstration projects address disparities and equality gaps in health care access and quality by engaging, educating and empowering people to make healthy lifestyle decisions and recognize and obtain high quality health care when needed.

To address equity and quality of care, DFWBGH also uses its resources to drive improvements in the local healthcare delivery system. For example, DFWBGH is a key partner in a community-wide collaborative with local employers, health plans, hospitals and physicians to measure, promote and reward transparent and effective health care performance for the citizens of north Texas. This project, called the North Texas Accountable Healthcare Partnership, has the potential to reduce or even eliminate health care disparities in access and quality of care. Another DFWBGH initiative is a value-based benefits design project, called the Texas Health Strategies Project, in which several employer members are learning to use their data and resources systematically and strategically to drive improvements in employee health and patient outcomes.

Our largest initiative is the “Partnership for Peak Healthcare Performance” (PPHP), a community-wide, multi-stakeholder project to measure and improve the quality of care for chronic conditions like diabetes, and engage and empower consumers to take responsibility for their health and demand high quality healthcare when needed. The PPHP collected and aggregated claims data across five local health plans to produce individual diabetes care performance reports for 1,300 DFW physicians who treat 20 or more diabetes patients. We also conducted consumer research to identify gaps in awareness of health risks, gaps in consumers’ understanding of what quality healthcare is, as well as gaps in effective communications with healthcare providers. This consumer research formed the basis of successful worksite consumer engagement and empowerment program described below in “Our Story”.

Our story:
Our consumer research findings made it apparent that there was a need for an engaging and accessible worksite program to educate and empower employees to optimize their quality of life, choose healthy behaviors, reduce health risks and proactively manage chronic conditions, and actively seek high quality healthcare when needed.

With the generous support of Aetna, DFWBGH designed and tested an innovative worksite intervention program, called Road Trip! Destination: Peak Performance... A Journey to a Healthier You.

Successfully implemented at several DFWBGH employers, Road Trip is a fun and engaging way for people to prepare for and embark on a journey to better health. The program uses a common analogy of preparing for a road trip that everyone can relate to, making this program appealing to people of all ages, cultures, races and educational level.

All aspects of health improvement are discussed in terms of going on a road trip. The focus is on adopting a healthy lifestyle, understanding your health risks, taking charge of your own and your family’s health, knowing where to find reliable healthcare information, choosing high quality healthcare providers, communicating effectively with your caregivers, and becoming a savvy healthcare consumer.

Participants learn in a fun, interactive and entertaining way, and retain what they’ve learned months after finishing the program.

Road Trip is a journey of a lifetime. With honor and respect for the legacy of Martin Luther King, we welcome all our fellow travelers, coming together in alliances to overcome common problems, on the path to better health – and better healthcare.


Our Contact info:

Dallas-Fort Worth Business Group on Health
11520 North Central Expy.
Suite 201
Dallas, TX 75243
Phone: (214) 382-3036
Fax: (214) 382-3038

Main contact (“Face” of DFWBGH):
Marianne Fazen, Executive Director
Email: fazen@dfwbgh.org


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