Institute for the Advancement of Multicultural & Minority Medicine

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Institute for the Advancement of Multicultural & Minority Medicine
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Who We Are:
The Institute for the Advancement of Multicultural & Minority Medicine (IAMMM) a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization established to focus on the elimination of health disparities.

What we do:
IAMMM works with partners and alliances to eliminate disparities in health and healthcare among underrepresented and underserved multi-cultural communities through research, education, and advocacy. IAMMM does this through raising awareness and educating communities to eliminate health disparities; promoting wellness solutions; improving health outcomes among minorities and the underserved; improving the quality and availability of health care to underserved communities; collaborating with national health and consumer organizations; improving representation of minorities in medicine; increasing minority participation in research and clinical trials; developing, implementing and supporting physician professional education and training programs, including cultural competency; and finally through developing and supporting community-based educational programs to address health disparities.

The work of IAMMM is concentrated in four centers and an annual awards recognition program as follows: 1. Henry Lucas Center for Health Policy - provides leadership in the development and implementation of IAMMM’s strategic plan among other activities; 2. Center for Community Outreach and Education - develops and maintains an IAMMM Community Health Partnership Database to track and maintain potential partnerships for program implementation among other activities; 3. Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Health Equity - hosts expert panels and educational symposia on Capital Hill and around the country to address health disparities among other activities; 4. The Friends of Health Disparities Research Center - focuses on health scientists, researchers, and other health professionals committed to volunteering to solicit support for research that addresses health disparities among other activities; and 5. Saluting Survivors…Promoting Life, Annual Awards Benefit Gala hosted each year in recognition of distinguished national leaders who are survivors of chronic diseases and who have taken the extraordinary step of publicly sharing their health challenges in order to educate others. This is also the annual fundraising event for the Institute. Additionally, the honorees also serve as “Ambassadors for Good Health” on topics of chronic diseases, disease prevention, and personal responsibility for one’s health and wellness.

Some other initiatives and programs of IAMMM include the establishment of a model for convening national health and consumer summits and town hall meetings, inclusive of health screenings and referral systems; a symposium series for physicians on topics addressing chronic disease, in collaboration with national health organizations; grassroots campaign to educate and enroll minority seniors in Medicare Prescription Drug Discount Card; appointing survivors of chronic diseases as ambassadors for good health; professional development and training for health professionals; the recently convened evaluative Martin Luther King, Jr. Health Equity Summit in Washington, DC to review and assess the nation’s progress in addressing inequalities in health and reducing health disparities, also to bring together leaders in health care, academia, industry and consumer/civic organizations as well as federal, state and local officials.

Our story:
IAMMM was started in 2003 on the premise that developing strategies, addressing issues of health disparities, and conducting major fundraising require the collective and concentrated efforts of distinguished experts willing to make long-term commitments to the work of eliminating health disparities. IAMMM has over 90 collaborative partners, and over 25 member of its academic council of leaders. The partners of IAMMM represent scholars, clinical and scientific researchers, elected officials, community activists, philanthropists, and others with the expertise and resources to make IAMMM a viable and respected entity in addressing health disparities. IAMMM believes in “Elimination through Collaboration”.


Our Contact info:

Institute for the Advancement of Multicultural & Minority Medicine
1218 16th Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20036

202-667-6155 (T)
202-667-6159 (F)

Contact name:
Madeline Y. Lawson

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