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Ryan Cameron Foundation
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Who We Are:
Ryan Cameron Foundation (RCF) is an Atlanta based 501 c3 serving our Atlanta community through targeting youth and delivering and impacting the family and community. IRS recognized in 2002, our efforts in our community date back 2 decades. The Ryan Cameron Foundation is dedicated to creating healthy transitions from childhood to adulthood with resources and programs designed to empower, inspire, educate, and encourage youth for positive growth. Ryan Cameron Foundation is founded by Mass Media Mogul and Atlanta native Ryan Cameron and has dedicated its existence to the youth in Metro Atlanta and surrounding communities. Teamed with his wife Kysha who serves as CEO and is vital in creating curriculum, programs, identifying and securing corporate and community partners and writing and securing the grant funding. All efforts and programs are supported by 2 additional employees and a priceless volunteer family of 40 persons that have largely been active for 5+ years.

What we do:
Our recommitment to the health of our family and our community occurred in 2006 as a result of our son’s 1st and only asthma attack. It also happened to be the year the Ryan Cameron Foundation aligned with the Aetna Foundation to directly impact the epidemic of childhood obesity and diabetes. The impact of the knowledge received and the lifestyle changes made within our family had immediate benefits. Once we knew better, we had to do better. And, so we did! Impacting and changing the state of obesity and diabetes in our community became a Ryan Cameron Foundation priority in 2006. At that time, RCF integrated healthy lifestyle components into all of our 7 programs and into our RCF volunteer family. Those programs include: Leadership Academy, Youth Golf, Father Daughter Initiative, Green Team, Anti-Violence, Health Fair and Holiday Giving.

The Annual Youth Health Fair entitled “Healthy, Stronger, Living Longer” is our platform for sharing, educating and implementing lifestyle change. Although, the actual health fair is 1 day and serves as our largest component of the healthy lifestyle movement, implementation exists 365 days a year. Together Ryan Cameron Foundation and Aetna Foundation have screened 3,000 persons over the last 3 years and provided hands on nutritional counseling to over 12,000. Annually, the Healthy, Stronger, Living Longer Health Fair provide 1 year’s worth of “FREE” medical and dental screenings for 1,000 in 1 day! Screenings include: BMI, cholesterol, diabetes, vision, asthma, chiropractic, podiatry, and orthodontic to name a few. Initially, the health fair’s purpose was to bring awareness and provide screenings and education. Now it’s a healthy lifestyle movement that incorporates screenings, education, cooking and fitness demonstrations, community resources to ensure the healthier lifestyle change, mechanisms for change (i.e. the in-home gym consisting of a hula hoop & jump rope), personal medical consultations, 3 month fitness challenge and continuum of care with every participant receiving an in-home starter garden kit. As a youth organization RCF targets youth and in turn serves the family so, no one is turned away.

Our story:
Ryan and Kysha Cameron are Community Believers and Community Connectors who believe in service. We often call our work “love work”. The President and CEO give honor to their families for showing them how to share and give. “It made us become better citizens and leaders”. So many persons struggle with how to get started in their giving and volunteering. Ryan Cameron Foundation makes it simple with our established, consistent annual programs, and strong volunteer family. Ryan Cameron Foundation is a program heavy organization. “Ryan and I are not scared of the hard work” says CEO Kysha Cameron. “We run these programs 365 days of the year. It’s not seasonal and therefore the oneness is on us, so we make it happen year after year”. You will see us engaging our youth on an on-going basis all year. Our goal is to serve them throughout childhood and into adulthood. Our reputation, commitment and ability to deliver to Atlanta have allowed us to reach the masses and engage Atlanta’s corporate community.


Our Contact info:

3355 Lenox Road
Suite 600
Atlanta GA 30326

Contact name:
Kysha Cameron, CEO


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