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Keiro Senior HealthCare
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Who We Are:
Keiro Senior HealthCare (Keiro) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization built on the values of compassion and keiro, or “respect for the aged.” Since 1961, over 125,000 families in the Asian American community have trusted Keiro to provide peace-of-mind and the best care experience possible at Keiro Nursing Home, South Bay Keiro Nursing Home, Keiro Intermediate Care Facility, and Keiro Retirement Home. Through The Institute for Healthy Aging, Keiro empowers people to age with confidence and inspires lifestyles that support the quality of life you desire, in any life stage, no matter where you call home.

What We Do:
Keiro Senior HealthCare’s mission is to enhance the quality of senior life in our community. Keiro offers peace-of-mind and empowers our community to age with confidence. Over 125,000 families have trusted Keiro to provide guidance and personalized care options, at the right time, through four care communities that include independent and assisted living, intermediate nursing care and skilled nursing and rehabilitation. Through The Institute for Healthy Aging (IHA), Keiro promotes the health of our entire community by providing wellness resources, caregiver conferences, employee wellness fairs, lifelong learning courses, volunteer opportunities, healthy living seminars, a virtual community, and support for a healthy lifestyle, no matter what your age.

All services are provided with a culturally-sensitive approach that is mindful of preserving community values. IHA provides older adults with an alternative approach to aging, and has provided education and resources to close to 12,000. It is built upon the knowledge that at least 70% of all chronic illnesses can be prevented or mitigated by changes in behavior. This would reduce the costs associated with caring for older adults and keep them out of nursing facilities – one solution to our future aging crisis and unsustainable medical care system for the elderly.

Our Story:
In the year 2050, one in five Americans will be over 65. Keiro Senior HealthCare is on the forefront, already addressing the age wave in the Asian American community with healthy aging initiatives.

We cannot change the fact that we are all getting older, but we do have choices in how we age. The Institute for Healthy Aging, powered by Keiro and supported by volunteers and donors in our community, empowers people to achieve the quality of life they desire. 

Keiro and The Institute for Healthy Aging are successful through the work of 560 current staff members and over 800 volunteers and community groups that have been involved with Keiro. With your partnership, Keiro will continue to be a vibrant center of community and support each generation to live with confidence and vitality!


Our Contact Info:

Keiro Senior HealthCare
325 S. Boyle Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90033-3812

(323) 980-7555 general
(323) 980-7313 donations hotline

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