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Vision is Priceless
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Who We Are:
Vision Is Priceless Council, Inc. (VIP) is a local nonprofit serving Jacksonville and the outlying counties in Northeast Florida, dedicated to preserving the sight of children and adults. Few disabilities isolate individuals as much as blindness, and many cases are preventable through early detection and treatment. VIP provides services and education to help everyone maintain healthy vision and prevent unnecessary loss of sight!

Did you know

  • Diabetic Retinopathy is the leading cause of blindness, but can be treated if caught early? African Americans are 2 times as likely to suffer from diabetes, and Hispanics are 1.5 times as likely to suffer from diabetes as the majority population. However, these groups are often least likely to receive regular eye exams and screening to detect and treat eye disease.
  • Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness, though 90% of cases can be treated if caught early. African Americans are 8 times more likely than the majority population to suffer from glaucoma, which accounts for 19% of all cases of blindness for this population. (
  • Ambylopia is a leading cause of blindness in children, but is most successfully treated when caught before the age of 9. (
  • Vision problems can affect a child’s education and negatively impact their academic and social development.
  • 67% of children with vision problems do not receive needed follow-up care or glasses, and children from poor urban areas have twice the rate of vision problems. (Essilor Foundation)
  • VIP is dedicated to reaching out to these high risk populations, providing free vision screening and follow-up care when needed through a network of generous volunteers.

What We Do:
Vision Is Priceless Council, Inc. helps save the sight of children and adults through free vision screenings for eye diseases and vision problems, provides follow –up care and treatment for those in financial need, and provides education on the importance of eye care and signs and symptoms of eye diseases.

Last year, with three full-time and four part-tine staff and a budget of $300,000 VIP provided:

  • 711 eye exams
  • 499 pairs of glasses
  • 31 eye surgeries
  • 1,835 vision screenings for adults
  • 28,829 vision screenings for children

All at no cost to the client.

VIP provides vision screening at schools, child care centers, and partner nonprofits serving those in need to reach those in our community at greatest risk for undetected or undiagnosed vision problems and eye disease. When a child or adult has received a vision screening, if a problem is identified and they do not have the financial resources or insurance to see an eye doctor, VIP’s Cared Vision Program connects them to an eye care professional in our community who will provide the eye exam and treatment at no cost to the patients. In addition, VIP partners with other nonprofits and businesses who open their doors for free clinics and assist in bringing mobile vision units to the community to serve as many clients as possible free of charge.

VIP staff members also serve as advocates throughout Northeast Florida to educate teachers, parents, and patients on the importance of eye care, and the impact vision problems can have on an adult or child. Through education, services, and outreach, VIP is working every day to Keep First Coast Eyes Healthy!

Our Story:
VIP was founded by a group of community minded leaders who believed: Every child should receive vision screening as they begin their education to identify vision problems or signs of eye disease.

No child should struggle in school simply because their family cannot afford eye glasses. No child or adult should ever go blind because they cannot afford the sight-saving treatment.

This small, local nonprofit has served the greater Jacksonville area for more than 15 years, screening hundreds of thousands of children and adults, and providing follow-up care for those in financial need. Thousands of children’s lives were changed when they received their first pair of glasses after a vision screening – improving their work in school and their self-confidence. VIP’s story is the story of thousands of changed lives, but here are just a few.

Tori, a 7-year old girl came to our screening where VIP staff noticed severe limitation in one eye. She was referred to an ophthalmologist who identified a cancerous tumor was blocking sight completely in that eye. The cancer was a fast spreading and very rare disease, and she was sent to a specialist immediately. The tumor was removed within a week of the screening, and today, several years later she is cancer free.

Rosalba, a young Latino woman was struggling to keep a minimum wage job and support her family. After a screening with VIP staff, she was diagnosed with a vision problem, and she received a free eye exam and glasses. She is now working towards her college degree with a great sense of self-confidence, which will help her and her family for years to come.

Rodney had begun to go blind in one eye, could no longer perform the duties his job required and was let go. VIP staff screened the gentleman and found a severe vision problem in one eye. He was connected to volunteers through VIP’s Cared Vision Network, and received an eye exam and cataract surgery at no cost, allowing him to get back to work quickly with full sight in both eyes.


Our Contact Info:

Vision Is Priceless, Inc.
3 Shircliff Way, Suite 546
Jacksonville, FL 32246

(904) 308-2020

Votes: 4,732

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