Participants in the Aetna VOH contest are selected by an internal Aetna committee. This committee assesses the performance of local non-profit organizations from across the country working to close racial and ethnic equality gaps in healthcare. The 30 selected organizations are then invited to participate in the national Aetna VOH contest. Each participant prepares a one minute video summarizing their organization and why they deserve to win. Each organization’s video submission is reviewed and approved by Aetna legal and posted to the AetnaVoicesofHealth.com website.

The public may cast votes for their favorite organization during the contest time period. The contest begins at 12:01 AM EST on August 28, 2013 and ends at 12:00 AM EST on October 20, 2013. Sponsor: Aetna, 151 Farmington Ave, Hartford, CT 06156. Void outside U.S. and where prohibited. Each voter must register on the Aetna VOH website using their e-mail address. Each voter has the opportunity to vote up to ten times, and may cast any combination of single or multiple votes for an Aetna VOH contest participant.

The top two performers (based on the number of votes) will receive a $30,000 award for first place and $20,000 award for second place from Aetna. Award monies are to be used to help advance the cause of the winning participants.

Votes will be validated by automated third party controls and reviewed by Aetna officials. Vote totals and winners are not valid until certified by Aetna. Winners will be notified by email and telephone. Winners will be published on www.AetnaVoicesofHealth.com in October 2013. Any questions can be submitted through the “Contact Us” section on www.AetnaVoicesofHealth.com.

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