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Barrio Logan College Institute

Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty by preparing underserved students to be the first in their families to go to college through after school programs that begin in third grade. We start preparing kids for college and careers through after school programs that begin in third grade and support them through college completion. Our programs are open from 3:30pm to 8pm Monday through Thursday and we conduct educational field trips on weekends. During the summer, we connect students to a variety of enrichment camps through our partners. We have received local, statewide and national distinction for our results.

54% = BLCI middle and high school students who maintain above a 3.5 Grade Point Average in school.

100% = BLCI students who graduate high school.

100% = BLCI students who enroll in college.

>90% = BLCI students who have gone through the College Success Program and remain in college working towards a degree.

60 to 1 = BLCI's student to college and career advisor ratio. Our college and career advisors work closely with each student and their family to chart a path to success.

20 to 1 = BLCI's student to instructor ratio in Steps to Success Workshops. Students are required to attend weekly workshops that teach them how to become successful academically and personally.

1 to 1 = BLCI's tutor to student ratio. Our specialized tutors work individually with students to improve their academic performance. Tutors also serve as mentors for students who need the most help.

Our after school programs are based on the BLCI ABCs of College Success.

A = Academic Support

We make sure our students are doing well in school to improve their chances of attending a quality college or university and ensure their academic success on a college campus.

b = building skills

We believe that success in life requires more than just earning a high GPA. Through our community partnerships, we provide the training our students need to build confidence, set goals, build professional networks, and access more resources in college and in the community.

c = College Knowledge

Through our weekly "Steps to Success" workshops and college tours throughout California, BLCI promotes a "College-Going Culture." At BLCI, college is the natural next step after high school. In fact, 100% of our high school graduates enroll in colleges and universities throughout the nation! Students and families learn how to choose the right college and finance their higher education.

We deliver the ABCs of College Success through a variety of after school programs that are age appropriate. All students are required to attend weekly "Steps to Success" workshops that prepare them for college success. Field trips and enrichment activities are constant and ongoing throughout the year.

The Elementary School Program (3rd through 5th grades)
Setting the foundation for future learning and expectations for college and careers.

The Middle School Program (6th through 8th grades)
Promoting positive identity development to keep students on the path to college.

The High School Program (9th through 11th grade)
Ensuring students are taking the right courses, preparing for standardized tests, and in extracurricular activities to gain acceptance into college.

The College Success Program (12th grade through college)
Guiding students and parents through the college application, financial aid process, and preparing students to succeed on the college campus.

Started in 1996, in a borrowed classroom at Perkins Elementary School, with 12 third graders. We have grown to four sites and now serve 561 students and 300 parents.

Our contact info:

Barrio Logan College Institute

Barbara Ybarra, Chief Advancement Officer
619.232.4686 ext. 105

Mariela Brambila, External Relations Assistant
619.232.4686 ext.110

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