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The Women's Resource

The Women's Resource was founded on a belief that a woman who controls her finances controls her destiny. As a result, each of our programs is specifically designed to empower our clients to be self-reliant and to take control of their financial futures. Ultimately, our mission is to help women and girls makes choices toward becoming independent, productive and financially stable.

Today, The Women's Resource is a leading provider of free financial education in the Houston area and is one of only a few organizations with a focus on educating low income women and girls. Through our programs, we strive to continue to meet the unique and complex needs of our clients and to help them break the cycle of poverty for themselves and for their families.

Every year we help thousands of women and girls outside the financial mainstream to build the skills they need to become financially literate, productive, and self-sufficient. We have found that by fostering strong partnerships with other social service agencies, schools, and community organizations, we are able to serve clients that would not otherwise have access to free, accurate and unbiased financial education. Each one of our services is provided in house at one of our 40+ partner agencies. This ensures that our partners can focus on what they do best, and that we can reach our clients at a convenient time and place for them.

Overall, we know that to survive and thrive in today's complex world, women need an essential foundation of financial knowledge and skills to build a solid foundation for themselves and for their families. At The Women's Resource we believe that financial education is the key to lifting our clients out of the cycle of poverty and onto the road of financial security and success.

We fulfill our mission by offering a variety of programs to women and girls in the Houston area.

Our YourLife program is the only program in Houston that focuses on teaching financial education to women outside of the financial mainstream. We have three separate programs that speak to the unique needs of each of our clients.

YourLife Finance Classes give women the foundation of knowledge needed to begin the process of taking control of their finances and their futures. Classes are free and are offered year-round in both English and Spanish to our participants.

YourLife Possibility Groups are a group coaching program that combines the successful elements of group theory and practice with industry standards around financial coaching. Participants take part in small group sessions that take place once a week for 10 weeks. Possibility Groups make financial education personal, and allow women to bond with and support each other under the guidance of a trained financial coach. YourLife Coaching brings financial education out of the classroom and into our clients' daily lives. Coaches are a long term support system for our clients as they pursue their financial goals With our YourLife program, we truly have a full suite of resources to directly meet the needs of each of our clients, whatever they may be.

We also have a financial education and leadership development program for high school girls, called RISE!. RISE! is a four year program that seeks to combine financial literacy with leadership development. The goals of RISE! are to create a culture that instills in our participants an appreciation for the importance of education, to cultivate the skills necessary for our participants to pursue higher learning, and to provide a base of knowledge so our participants can make informed financial decisions.

In 1990, a group of visionary women established The Women's Resource on the founding belief that a woman who controls her finances controls her destiny.

In 1992, we began issuing grants, commissioned annual research on topics of significance to Houston's women and girls, and launched a series of free financial education classes. A decade later, The Women's Resource made a strategic decision to cease its grant-making activities and concentrate its resources on education and training programs and building partnerships to further our mission. In 2005, we made further progress toward fulfilling our mission by launching Project LEAD (now RISE!) in local high schools to help at-risk girls acquire the leadership and financial skills needed to be personally and professionally successful.

Over the years, our mission and programs have evolved to meet the changing needs of our community but our vision of empowering women to become independent, productive, and financially stable is unwavering.

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The Women's Resource

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Communications and Development Manager
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