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Janet Goeske Foundation

Janet Goeske Foundation (JGF) provides seniors with a whole-person program model that addresses physical, social, mental, and emotional health and well-being. JGF improves the quality of life for vulnerable senior community members by helping individuals stay active, engaged, and independent through 215+ class and program offerings with a core emphasis on healthy eating and active living.

Our region has one of the largest, fastest growing, and most impoverished senior populations in the country. JGF currently serves over 24,000 monthly patron visits with approximately 90% of our patrons coming from low-income/subsidized households. 98% of all JGF offerings are provided for FREE/no cost to participate. This ensures every person has equal access to the programs, services, and resources they need to age successfully and with dignity.

Alongside 250+ volunteers and a network of like-minded partners, we continue to strive to create equitable access to improve health initiatives and services provided to a vulnerable and growing senior population . . . JGF is "tearing down the walls" of a traditional Senior Center and cultivating an Age-Friendly Community that is inclusive, equitable and accessible to those who need it most.

JGF provides successful aging programs and classes through the Janet Goeske Center in Riverside, Mead Valley Senior Center in Perris, and weekly health education offerings at senior living facilities and partner sites throughout Western Riverside County. We are a seven-day-a-week service provider.

JGF programs are essential for thousands of seniors who are living at-or-near the poverty level and can't afford to pay for services or classes through the traditional model of clubs, gyms, and local business fee-based programming. In addition, JGF seeks to identify the barriers that prevent individuals from participating such as health problems, lack of transportation, or language proficiency and actively works to minimize these obstacles. JGF takes great pride in our effective community-based partner network to expand access to the programs/services/resources needed to improve the quality of life for seniors, as well as the families and communities that care for them.

JGF currently provides 215+ unique offerings in a wide variety of categories including: Exercise/Fitness, Arts/Handcrafts, Dance/Music, Recreation, Health Education, Resource Coordination, Support Groups, Lifelong Learning, Cultural Exploration, and Bilingual Programming.

Janet Goeske, our founder, was an inspiring advocate for the elderly, now defined as "seniors", and dedicated to successful aging, independence and dignity. Her vision, built in collaboration with the City of Riverside, led to the opening of our flagship Center on May 18, 1984. JGF now celebrates 35 years of service, touching thousands of lives, seven-days-a-week in communities throughout the region.

Today, 10,000+ Baby Boomers will turn 65 and age expectancy is rising, thanks to advancements in healthcare and technology. A challenge to meet current demands for senior programs and resources is at an all-time high. Our region is tracking 65% of local seniors as low-income and not meeting basic living needs. Yet despite these facts, funding support remains stagnant. Less than 2% of regional grant funding in 2016 was designated for aging/senior programs. This disparity must be addressed to ensure vulnerable, low-income seniors are able age independently with respect and dignity.

It is imperative that we come together as a community to increase access to programs, services, & resources, raise awareness about age-related issues, and engage all community members in building an Age-Friendly Community. Aging is Inevitable, Getting Old is Optional. Vote 4 Successful Aging Today!

Our contact info:

Janet Goeske Foundation

Address: 5257 Sierra St. Riverside, CA 92504
Facebook: @JanetGoeskeFoundation