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Riverside Community Health Foundation

We are a local, grassroots nonprofit that works to improve the health and well-being of our community in Riverside by funding, developing, and operating partnerships and collaborations to provide expanded access to high-quality healthcare services and education.

Among our programs is the Eastside HEAL Zone. The Eastside HEAL Zone Team of Riverside Community Health Foundation develops youth advocates through empowering, engaging and assisting youth between the ages of 12-19 years old in East Riverside. The purpose is to equip youth with the appropriate resources to promote social and environmental changes that are positive and sustainable in their community.

The EHZ team, RCHF staff, Riverside Public Utilities, HLP Community Club, and residents all worked together to create a safe zone within one of East Riverside high-risk alleyways. The project demonstrated youth empowerment, community support and effective city official partnerships for creating better communities. Eight alleyway poles were transformed to art expressions.

Riverside Community Health Foundation goals are to: Increase access to quality health care through community clinics; Increase access to oral health education/treatment; Reduce teen pregnancy rates; Increase awareness/understanding of prevention and health care to reduce obesity rates, prevent onset of new diabetes cases, and reduce its complications; Support community-based advocacy and policy development; and Provide leadership in addressing critical and changing health needs in our region.

Since 1997, RCHF established and has sustained trusting relationships with agencies, school districts, city government, area nonprofits, and residents through ongoing communication and consistent programming, and ongoing partnerships.

Riverside Community Health Foundation (RCHF) was formed in 1997 when Riverside Community Hospital transitioned from a nonprofit to for-profit hospital. During this transition RCHF's mission changed to focus on the community.

Since then, we have built programs and services that carry out our mission of improving the health and well-being of our community. From our two community clinics that provides healthcare for the uninsured and underinsured to our many programs focusing on childhood oral health in over 40 elementary schools in Riverside and Jurupa Valley.

Our contact info:

Riverside Community Health Foundation | 951-788-3471
Anna Holbrook, Director of Marketing and Development