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Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

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Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

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The Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (HHCC) is a regional advocate for the economic and civic interests of the Hispanic business community. As such, the HHCC serves as an aggregator of information, resources and a promoter of interests related to the Hispanic Community both locally and nationwide. HHCC is strongly committed to leadership of what is fast becoming the region's new majority, as well as leadership in areas that will benefit the region's overall economy. Our members are central to the mission, articulated in the HHCC 2008-2018 Strategic Plan. We also commit to a strong, focused effort to engage new members who reflect the diversity of the Hispanic business sector: entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, students, rising stars, community advocates, international heads, and others. The Chamber leadership is comprised of successful businesspeople and community leaders that devise the Chamber's Strategic Plan and provide a hands-on approach to the business community's needs. Any company or individual that resides in the Houston area may benefit from the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, "The Leader of Houston's New Majority®".

The mission of the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (HHCC) is to be the leading regional advocate for the economic and civic interests of the Hispanic business community.

The Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce acts as an effective business resource and advocate by:

  • Creating local, national and international business opportunities for newcomers and members.
  • Assisting members with procurement opportunities.
  • Organizing and sponsoring educational seminars and networking events such as membership orientations and breakfast meetings.
  • Developing dialogue with elected officials and corporations to advocate on behalf of our members.
  • Serving as mentors to Hispanic professionals and business owners.
  • Providing updated demographic statistics and substantial Hispanic business and community information.
  • Referring members to the proper sources of business and information.

The Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was founded on March 2, 1977 by a group of prominent Hispanic businesspeople. The Chamber represents entrepreneurs, corporate partners, strategic allies, non-profits, emerging leaders, and students. Our Chamber is comprised of a stellar Board of Directors, full-time staff, diverse committees, and a Corporate Advisory Board.

Today, the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is the largest Hispanic chamber in Texas. As recently as 2006, the HHCC offices were located in a meager area on the outskirts of Houston. In 2011 the HHCC tripled its office space in the heart of downtown Houston and debuted a new, state-of-the-art conference center. In 2006 the HHCC membership hovered around the 500 mark. In the 4th quarter of 2010, the HHCC surpassed 4,000 members for the first time in its history. Since then the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has developed strategic partnerships with organizations and companies that leverage existing resources, such as the Houston Minority Business Council, the University of Houston Small Business Development Center, and others. The Houston Hispanic Chamber counts with a media platform like no other Chamber in the Country. With a combined audience media reach of 3.3 million, we are able to promote Houston, our members, corporate partners and initiatives via our English & Spanish television and radio programs. More than four decades later the HHCC continues to provide many opportunities for individuals and companies to join the Chamber at different financial levels. The Chamber executes its programs with the effective efforts of staff, volunteers, and various committees, which allow the corporate and general membership to actively participate in strategic planning for the Chamber.

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Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
1801 Main St. Suite, 890
Houston, TX 77002
Dr. Laura Murillo
President & CEO

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