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The Health Gap

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The Health Gap

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The Health Gap is a community based grassroots organization with the mission to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities, and make Cincinnati a healthier place to live. Our work is based on the principle that the people most affected by health disparities must lead the movement. We give them the tools and resources to develop new habits, monitor their progress, and create a culture of health within their communities. Since 2004, the Health Gap has impacted over 500,000 people through our various initiatives, community events, the annual Health Expo, and our day to day community engagement.

The Health Gap works with communities, healthcare organizations and civic leaders to address health inequities through policy change, initiatives, and educational programming. Many of our participants mention that before the Health Gap, they "didn't know that they could do anything about their health." The Health Gap uses community health initiatives such as our Do Right! Campaigns, Wellness Series, and Do Right! Block by Block Neighborhood Campaigns to engage, empower, and advocate for the community to build a culture of health in the Greater Cincinnati area.

The Health Gap was founded in 2004 as a result of the Institute of Medicine, 2002 report, "Unequal Treatment: Confronting Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health" which indicates that race and ethnicity are significant predictors of health care quality and that the vast majority of studies done showed that minorities were less likely than whites to receive necessary services, including clinically necessary procedures. In partnership with the Health Alliance and various local hospitals, the Health Gap began impacting the health outcomes of the residents in Greater Cincinnati.

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The Health Gap