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AID Atlanta

The Mission of AID Atlanta:

The mission of AID Atlanta is to reduce new HIV infections and improve the quality of life of its members and the community by breaking barriers and building community. This mission is accomplished through direct client services, a primary health care clinic and HIV/STD prevention education.

By striving to provide a community dialogue we increase awareness and decrease misinformation and judgement, resulting in a healthier community for all of Atlanta.

AID Atlanta provides support for people living with HIV/AIDS by assisting them with accessing resources such as housing and rental support; linkage to medical care and behavioral health and other essential support services in the Greater Atlanta Metro area. AID Atlanta provides HIV medical treatment and pharmacy services for individuals living with HIV, in two locations, Midtown Atlanta and Newnan, GA. This convenience allows patients to see the doctor and fill HIV-related and other medical prescriptions in one location. (Regardless of the patient's ability to pay.)

AID Atlanta also provides medical case management services to clients at both locations and at a variety of community and medical facilities which affords clients access to social service support at the same location where medical services are provided. In addition, we offer comprehensive HIV prevention education programs designed to reduce the number of new HIV infections through free and anonymous Counseling Testing and Referral Services (CTRS), an STD Clinic, the Georgia AIDS and STD Infoline and AIDS 101 Action and Awareness Seminar.

Our 2017 impact included:

  • 2,365 patients received clinical care for HIV and related health issues
  • 10,363 HIV tests administered
  • 11,032 people were tested for STD's
  • 17,365 calls and encounters to ourGA AIDS & STD Infoline

AID Atlanta has been providing HIV/AIDS-related services, care, and education since its inception in 1982. The agency was established in response to the devastating impact that HIV/AIDS was having on gay men in Atlanta. In the face of fear and bigotry, founding members volunteered their time to provide support and education. The organization quickly expanded to engage Black and Latino populations and meet the evolving needs of our diverse community in response to the epidemic.

Today, AID Atlanta offers a broad range of services and has grown to be one of the most comprehensive AIDS service organizations in the Southeast. AID Atlanta currently offers HIV/AIDS prevention and care services, including (but not limited to) Primary Care, Pharmacy, HIV/STD Screening, PrEP, Community HIV Prevention Programs, Linkage Services, Case Management, and a state-wide Information Hotline.

Our contact info:

AID Atlanta

AID Atlanta, Inc.
1605 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30309

Office 404-870-7700
GA HIV/AIDS Infoline 800-551-2728

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