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Georgia Organics

Georgia Organics is a member supported, non-profit organization connecting organic food from Georgia farms to Georgia families. We believe food should be community-based, not commodity-based.

An outgrowth of a grower's association established in the 1970s, Georgia Organics is devoted to promoting sustainable foods and local farms in Georgia.

A sustainable local food system is critical to the future of Georgia's health, environment, and economy.

Recognizing this vital need, Georgia Organics builds supply through grower education and outreach, and grows demand on the consumer and business end by encouraging market opportunities for local food.

"Today is the best day of my life because I got to plant a seed. I've never planted anything!"

There's nothing that illustrates our impact better than through the eyes and voice of this Barrow County second grader after planting his first bean seeds in his school's garden. Our Farm to School program helps moments like this happen across the state. Farm to School, active in nearly 40% of Georgia school districts, helps kids learn how delicious fresh food can be.

But we don't stop there. Our Farmer Services program helps Georgia growers thrive, providing them with resources, education, and one-on-one coaching that teaches them everything from wholesale skills to business bookkeeping to growing organic peanuts in Georgia's first ever organic peanut co-op.

Our Food Oasis program activates communities in Augusta and Columbus, giving them the training, tools, and capital they need to launch their own place-based initiatives around local food--initiatives like the North Highland Farmers Market in Columbus that provides neighbors in need with access to the fresh fruits and vegetables they need.

Our annual conference, now in its 22nd year, convenes all of these stakeholders from across the state for two days of workshops, farm tours, one-on-one consulting, and networking. It's the one time everyone in the Georgia good food movement gets together in one room, an event whose importance cannot be overstated.

Through these four programs, we work towards our goal of "Good Food for All".

An outgrowth of a sustainable growers association established in the 1970's, Georgia Organics was established as a non-profit in 1997. We've grown from a rented church basement to a dynamic staff of fourteen with a statewide reach.

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