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SisterLove, Inc


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SisterLove, Inc

SisterLove, Incorporated (SLI) has worked at the helm of HIV and Sexual and Reproductive Justice (SRJ) for 30 years. During this time, the organization has continued to expand its overall capacity to work at the intersections of these two pressing issues, especially as it relates to women of color and their families who are living with and impacted by HIV and AIDS. SisterLove's mission is to eradicate the impact of HIV and sexual and reproductive oppressions upon all women and their communities. SisterLove has a deep understanding of the specific issues and the important narrative of women, especially black women living in the South. As a result, SLI has developed programming that is under-girded by Sexual and Reproductive Health, Justice, and Human Rights, and that addresses the issues intersectionally. SisterLove provides direct services to thousands of women and girls, including those of transgender experience, as well as men and others who make up their families and community members.

SisterLove has four programs which include the Health Education And Prevention program, which houses our HIV testing, counseling and linkage to care and prevention education initiatives; The Policy and Advocacy Program, which primarily focuses on bringing awareness to laws and policies that affect women of color; The Community Based Participatory Research Program, which focuses on enrolling women living with HIV into research and leading community research studies that prioritize the sexual and reproductive health needs of Black women and women of color; and lastly, the Positive Women's Leadership Program, which is where SisterLove houses our programs that help to promote healthy living, positive lifestyle, and leadership for HIV positive women and those most impacted by HIV and AIDS. Within the Positive Women's Leadership Program, we have the 2020 Leading Women's Society, the Everyone Has a Story program, the EHAS University, and our Peer Navigation Program, which all address stigma and discrimination people living with HIV/AIDS.

SisterLove, Inc., was founded in July of 1989. We began as a volunteer group of women interested in educating Atlanta, and especially communities of women, about HIV prevention, self-help and safer sex techniques.

In 1987, the Women's AIDS Prevention Project (WAPP) was formed in part because of the barriers that kept women out of the forefront of HIV/AIDS education and treatment.

In 1989, the lack of support for WAPP inspired Ms. Diallo to found SisterLove Women's AIDS Project with the help of WAPP's women of color advisory board. Three years later, in 1992, the organization's name was officially changed to SisterLove, Incorporated.

Undeniably, sheer dedication and compassion of countless women and men have contributed to SisterLove's stability and growth over the decades. Our very existence is a reflection of the women who have shared their struggles, wisdom and strength with other women in the name of love and survival. We will continue to draw upon the energy of our sisters' and brothers' contributions and will remain steadfast in the struggle to combat HIV/AIDS to help save lives.

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SisterLove, Inc