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Matrix Human Services


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Matrix Human Services

Detroit-based Matrix Human Services is a 113-year-old, 501(c) (3), social services organization committed to helping children, teens, adults and seniors reach self-sufficiency through offering positive hand-up life experiences. Matrix offers assistance with essential needs, health, education, and supportive services that defuse crisis, treat individuals and family problems, prevent abuse and neglect.

With over 550 employees and 33 locations, Matrix is the 22nd largest non-profit in Southeast Michigan and one of the largest operating in the City of Detroit. Matrix Human Services is rebuilding neighborhoods by eradicating poverty and bringing households to self-sufficiency by servicing over 20,000 children, individuals and families annually.

At Matrix Human Services, we give hope to the most vulnerable people by providing extensive human services and care to all segments of our community, from early childhood programs, through teens at risk, to adult workforce and financial education, HIV prevention and aftercare and supportive services for our seniors in need.

Matrix Human Services' programs encompass pre-natal and early childhood programs, youth & families in crisis, community programs, supervised in school and after-school teen programs, senior services, HIV/AIDS prevention and aftercare and includes the largest Early Education program in Detroit.

  • Matrix runs the largest preschool early education program (Including Head Start) in the city serving more than 2,000 children per school year.
  • Matrix runs teen mentoring and counseling programming in and after school throughout the city.
  • One of the largest HIV outreach, prevention, and after-care programs.
  • A large community center in the eastside Osborn neighborhood that houses basic care needs and an array of supportive services.
  • Social mobility centers that aim to help adults by providing workforce development training, financial education, housing assistance, home buying programs, an online high school diploma program and assistance to seniors.

Matrix Human Services (Matrix) was founded in 1906 by a small and generous group of individuals known as The League of Catholic Women. The agency got its start by having volunteers meeting the incoming trains each day in Detroit and assisting unaccompanied women who needed shelter or other assistance. They recognized the importance of helping the less fortunate who migrated to Detroit seeking a new life and finding themselves in an unfamiliar environment. Programs were designed to provide opportunity and stability and Matrix remains focused on fostering self-sufficiency in disadvantaged and at-risk populations today. Over the years the League grew to several thousand members throughout the Metropolitan Detroit area. Matrix Human Services humbly acknowledges that our ability to deliver services that make a difference is attributed to those founding individuals who were compassionate for their fellow man. As we continue together to build on that special heritage we will honor our founders by always focusing on the person, remaining true to the dignity of the family, and firmly resolving to love our neighbor.

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Matrix Human Services

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