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Haitian Youth and Community Center of Florida, Inc


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Haitian Youth and Community Center of Florida, Inc

Haitian Youth and Community Center of Florida (HYCCF), Inc. is a not-for-profit 501 (c) 3 membership organization that provides a variety of services, including after school care, summer programs, youth services, child care services, and Family and Community Partnership.

HYCCF operates a nationally accredited child care center that provides comprehensive child development services to children and families in the community. The Center is licensed to serve one hundred and eighty eight (188+) children; and Lillie M. Williams Head Start is licensed to serve one hundred and twenty eight (128).

HYCCF uses the same facility and resources that has enabled its Head Start child care program to achieve a great deal of success. HYCCF is located in the community that it has served since 2002. During this time, HYCCF has successfully engaged over 2000 people through community outreach and collaboration with other prominent organizations that serve Haitian children and their families in Miami. In addition, HYCCF has experience in developing and operating community enhancement programs that meet the needs of the community.

Since 2002, Haitian Youth has provided Early Childhood services for children and families including those with disabilities and community service learning. We also provide information and referral, advocacy services, legal referral. We address many concerns such as education and employment, equal access and community placement.

Our mission is to strengthen and enhance Haitian Americans individuals, as well as their family in South Florida by providing opportunities for Haitian Americans to engage in charitable, educational, recreational and community activities.

HYCCF also provides youth and adult services: Literacy classes to parents, Computer Classes, Enrichment Programs, Parenting Classes, Staff Development Trainings, and Counseling Services.

HYCCF provides enrichment services to children and their families, while providing an opportunity for the children to learn various cultures. We also invite individuals from diverse backgrounds to participate in the center's programs and activities.

The program staff is culturally diverse, representing many different nationalities. In every classroom we have a staff or volunteer who speaks the native language of the children.

Our familiarity with the Haitian culture, our physical presence in the community, and the quality of the services have provided HYCCF with the credibility required to engage and retain families in the programs and services offered by the center. HYCCF has been able to enhance its capacity to provide services through collaborations with other community agencies.

Our contact info:

Haitian Youth and Community Center of Florida, Inc

Early Step Learning Center
14500 N.E. 6 Ave
North Miami, Fl. 33161
T: 786-955-6381
F: 786-955-6772

Lillie M. Williams Head Start
770 N.W. 83rd. Street
Miami, Fl. 33150
T: 305-694-2299
F: 786-955-6772