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Tacoma Community House


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Tacoma Community House

Founded in 1910 as a settlement house in Tacoma's Hilltop neighborhood, TCH started out providing social services to Tacoma's rapidly-increasing immigrant community. For over 109 years, TCH remained true to its mission of walking alongside our newest neighbors by adapting to our community's changing needs. Decades of responsive service enabled TCH to become a nationally respected community based multi-service center that provides nearly 3500 services annually to more than 3,200 individuals from over 110 different countries. Supported by a culture that celebrates immigrants and refugees, our operating principles focus on diversity, equity, and the strengths of those we serve; standards reflected through our four core programs of Education, Immigration, Employment, and Client Advocacy. Our staff is highly diverse and is comprised of immigrants, refugees, and those who are bicultural and bilingual. Staff members speak ten languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Khmer, Lao, Thai, Bassa, Japanese, and English. 40% of staff members are persons of color, 20% immigrants/refugees, 25% bilingual, and 20% identify as LGBTQIA. Our board of directors is also diverse with 9 of the 18 members being immigrants/refugees, people of color, or LGBTQIA.

Tacoma Community House's work is driven by our mission "to create opportunities for immigrants and other community members of the Puget Sound region through comprehensive services focused on self-sufficiency, inclusion, and advocacy." What makes Tacoma Community House (TCH) a unique social service agency is its longevity and comprehensive wraparound services. Certified by the U.S. Department of Justice, TCH's Immigration Case Managers served 1800 clients in 2018, helping clients navigate complex immigration laws and applications. Services cost a fraction of immigration attorneys, removing significant systemic barriers for our clients. TCH's Education and Employment programs served 1124 people in 2018, by strengthening the technical/vocational skills of our clients. Courses prepare clients for learning and working in English-dominant speaking environments by helping them learn English, prepare for GED testing, and gain reading, writing, math, and computer literacy skills. Work-readiness courses/services include technical training in the childcare and nursing fields, as well as job search and placement assistance. In 2018, 280 women sought free services from our Crime Victims Advocacy program where Licensed Case Managers provide consultations, locate resources, and obtain legal services for individuals who have been harmed by domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, and many other crimes.

Since 1910, TCH helped over 100,000 immigrants, refugees, and low-income community members access resources to improve their lives and those of their families. TCH's innovative work includes: opening Tacoma's first baby clinic, co-founding the Community Chest today known as the United Way of Pierce County and organizing the first racially integrated Boys and Girls Scout troops. In 2010, The Migration Policy Institute (MPI) awarded TCH the E Pluribus Unum Prize for its long record of exceptional service successfully integrating immigrants. TCH was also the catalyst for other local organizations such as the Asian American Alliance, Centro Latino, and is the fiscal sponsor for the REACH Center which serves young adults ages 14 --22 seeking to advance their educational, career, and life goals. Recently, TCH successfully advocated for the creation of the City of Tacoma Commission on Immigrant and Refugee Affairs and the establishment of a Deportation Defense Fund. TCH is also a Center for Strong Families (CSF), funded through the United Way of Pierce County. CSF is a network of providers working together to implement proven strategies and best practices in response to the problems of persistent poverty, financial instability, and low-wage stagnation among families.

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Tacoma Community House

Phone: (253) 383-395; Fax: (253) 597- 6687; Email: info@tacomacommunityhouse.org; Address: 1314 South L Street, Tacoma, WA 98405 PO Box (Mail): PO Box 5107, Tacoma, WA 98415