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At MAAC, we believe that healthy individuals and families help build stronger, healthier communities.

When you're worrying about the challenges that life throws your way, like access to safe and affordable housing, providing healthy meals for your family, or quality childcare and education for your children, it can take a toll on your physical, mental, and emotional health.

That's why for more than five decades, MAAC has been a champion for underrepresented communities throughout San Diego County and has provided a space where families in need can find means to self-sufficiency and improve their living conditions.

We proudly provide life-changing services to over 70,000 individuals annually through programs in five core focus areas: Economic Development, Education, Health & Well-being, and Advocacy & Leadership Development. We strive to improve all participants' economic standing as well as their ability to access resources available to them. Our wide range of programs has established MAAC as one of the largest and most impactful social service organizations in the community.

We established the MAAC Community Charter School (MCCS) in response to the increasing need for a supportive, alternative learning environment to help students who aren't successful in the traditional school system gain self-confidence, embrace learning and earn a high school diploma. Today, MCCS averages nearly 300 students with approximately 72% who identify as Latino and first-generation immigrants, and 83% who qualify for free or reduced meals.

Because many of our students have experienced abuse, homelessness, and/or other dysfunctional environments, we use trauma-informed care to support their needs. In addition to academic programs, we offer one-on-one and group counseling services to help students break through barriers to their educational success and create a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

Since the school's opening in 2001, more than one thousand students have graduated - many of these students are the first in their families to graduate high school with plans to continue on to college or vocational training. With an emphasis on credit recovery, critical pedagogy, and transformative justice, MAAC Community Charter School doesn't only produce learners,MCCS develops leaders.

MAAC was founded in 1965 by a group of community leaders seeking solutions to the increasing hunger and poverty in their community. At the time, the organization focused on serving the Mexican American community and was centered in San Diego County's southern region. Today, MAAC builds on its Latino roots as it works towards equity and justice for all communities throughout San Diego County.

With services spanning more than 4,500 square miles, MAAC supports San Diegans who need a guiding hand as they work to create a better life for themselves and their families. Our reach is wide because San Diego's need is vast.

We work closely with our program participants, as well as with key partners, to stay in tune with San Diego's ever-changing needs. Our organization prides itself on addressing gaps and taking advantage of opportunities to advance the communities we serve.

MAAC has come a long way in the half century that we've been around, and yet our focus has remained constant through the years: to assist individuals and families create the lives they want...and deserve.

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Chula Vista, CA 91911
(619) 426-3595

Elsa Roth
Manager, Development & Donor Relations
(619) 426-3595 x1204

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