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West Fresno Family Resource Center

The West Fresno Health Care Coalition (WFHCC) was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in March 2001 and received its 501(c)(3) tax exempt status in November 2001. During the agency 5-year strategic planning process involving community stakeholders, West Fresno Health Care Coalition is currently doing business as West Fresno Family Resource Center (WFFRC) a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, serves residents of one of the poorest metropolitan communities in California's Central Valley, West Fresno. Our mission is: "to empower and support the West Fresno Community to achieve optimal health and well-being." A trusted and respected community partner with a strong record of providing culturally-effective, neighborhood and community-based services, to more than 5,000 residents annually, West Fresno Family Resource Center (WFFRC) conducts outcomes-based services in the following areas: illness prevention and improvements, family strengthening program activities through education, outreach, counseling and advocacy in the areas of prenatal education, parent leadership, school readiness, healthcare access, health and wellness, youth development and leadership, and workforce development support. WFFRC constitutes a 11-member board, 10 professional staff, and more than 25 university interns annually. Furthermore, WFFRC assumes a leadership role in the operations and management of programs at two City of Fresno Parks & Recreation facilities, which serves as critical, "one-stop shops" for complementary, community support and human services for disadvantaged residents -- Maxie L. Parks Community Center, since 2014, and the Mary Ella Brown Community Center, since 2017.

WFFRC conducts outcomes-based health improvement, illness prevention and family strengthening activities through education, outreach, counseling and advocacy. Our team of culturally-competent professionals, including staff trained in parent leadership, brings together a safety net of quality, strength-based services through five pathways to prevention, adapted from the Pathway Mapping Initiative, funded by the Office of Child Abuse, California Department of Social Services: 1) Children are Nurtured, Safe & Engaged; 2) Families are Strong and Connected; 3) Families have Access to Services and Support; 4) Substance Abuse and Mental Health Addressed; and 5) Communities are Caring and Responsive.

Since 2001, WFFRC has successfully managed the implementation and evaluation of culturally and linguistically effective programs aimed at promoting optimal health and wellness targeting the vulnerable members of the Southwest Fresno community, through education, screening, outreach, counseling and advocacy. WFFRC current programs include:

  • Horticultural Therapeutic Community Center, "Growing Hope" Community Garden, funded through the Mental Health Service Act
  • Cultural Based Access Navigation Peer Support (CBANS), funded through the Mental Health Service Act
  • Healthy Lifestyle Club for Seniors
  • Improving Birth Outcomes for Women, funded by Anthem Blue Cross Foundation
  • Youth Empowerment - Sweet Potato Project
  • Health Insurance and Cal Fresh Enrollment
  • Community Computer Lab
  • Monthly Neighborhood Market in partnership the Food Bank to address food insecurity
  • Gladiator Job Readiness Program
  • Service Learning Internship program (local Community Colleges and State University)
  • An advocacy organization, WFFRC strives to empower the West Fresno community to address and remedy challenges and issues, and to positively impact changes to long standing policies that prevent individual, family and community well being, vibrancy and efficiency. In addition to sponsoring prevention education, community events, and local health fairs, WFFRC convenes and staffs the Community Advisory Council which acts as a liaison, catalyst, voice and connector to and with community residents

In 1999, the West Fresno Health Care Coalition, Inc. now DBA: West Fresno Family Resource Center (WFFRC) was just a dream - a vision shared by a core group of remarkable West Fresno residents, who after years of hard work were able to bring additional health care and health education services to this underserved and impoverished community of Fresno County. Hence a coalition was formed giving rise to a committed 15 member board of directors to ensure the optimal health and well being of residents of West Fresno.

Strategically located in the heart of West Fresno WFFRC has been serving the culturally and linguistically diverse communities of the 93706 area of Fresno County for the past 18 years, by meeting the day to day community challenges of low educational attainment, double digit unemployment, high levels of poverty and communication barriers for limited English proficient residents. WFFRC has been successful in delivering the necessary health care services and health related information to local residents.

Over the years, WFFRC has continued to develop its track record as a recognized leader and community health advocate for West Fresno residents. By gaining the trust and the confidence of the community in delivering services that ensure optimal health and well being for all people living in West Fresno. Committed to being a champion for health equity, as well as a desire for making West Fresno a healthy place where people live, work, play and learn, WFFRC and its partners are pursuing innovative approaches that can be adopted to improve family outcomes-- i.e., targeting systemic inequalities that limits the ability of residents to live in a community with health-promoting land use, access to healthy foods, transportation and employment opportunities and community development.

Our contact info:

West Fresno Family Resource Center

Yolanda Randles, MPH Executive Director
West Fresno Family Resource Center
1802 E California Ave
Fresno, Ca 93706
(559) 621-2967

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