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Founded in 1984, SEAMAAC's journey is a story of America shared by a long tradition & history of many immigrants & refugees who first sought refuge in the United States and eventually became the cornerstones of our nation.

For over 34 years, SEAMAAC's commitment to serving people regardless of race or national origins has inspired our mission and vision in building a stronger society based on the principles of justice and equity for all.

SEAMAAC's mission is to support and serve immigrants and refugees and other politically, socially and economically marginalized communities as they seek to advance the condition of their lives in the United States.

SEAMAAC's enriched the lives of Philadelphia's immigrant and refugee families from 7 countries speaking 15 languages. In 2017, 350 immigrants were connected to medical insurance and other public benefits.

200 elders participated in elders groups, community breakfasts, arts classes, physical fitness, workshops, cultural celebrations and field trips.

180 students trained in hip hop arts (breakdancing, choreography, songwriting, music production, video production, photography, graffiti arts, and music performance) through SEAMAAC's after school program.

108 refugee families were supported through case management, job development, basic needs, and job placement.

100 immigrants and refugees strengthened their English skills and computer skills by attending SEAMAAC's English as a Second Language and Digital Literacy classes.

100 women received health education, women's health screenings, and follow-up medical care.

20 refugee women experiencing domestic violence were connected to safety, support, and resources for themselves and for their children.

We envision a community where the contributions of each generation of Americans, whether native to this land, immigrant, or brought against their will, are equally acknowledged, valued and embraced, and where all people live whole, healthy lives with joy and dignity.

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If you'd like to learn more about SEAMMAC Inc. please contact Katie Pfeil at or 215.467.0690 ext. 174

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