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2nd Mile Ministries

2nd Mile Ministries is a Christian community development non-profit planted in the Brentwood neighborhood, just north of downtown Jacksonville. Our goal is to see the wholistic transformation of an entire community through youth leadership development following a seamless path from age five up to adulthood. This mission requires coming alongside our community in a variety of ways and with a long-term mindset.

2nd Mile's youth development programs include a Summer Day Camp for students aged five to twelve, a daily elementary after school program, and evening programs for middle and high school students. Further, 2nd Mile's Healthy Habits, Healthy Kids Initiative engages students and families of all ages with important information and skills pertaining to nutrition and physical activity. 2nd Mile also leads a community garden, regular community clean-up events, mentoring, and the annual Family Fall Festival that attracts over 1,000 neighborhood residents each year.

Launched in 2004, 2nd Mile started with a dream to work alongside a community faced by challenges, but with a focus on the many skills and opportunities already existing in the neighborhood. That year several volunteers began to move into the neighborhood, get jobs at local schools, and started going to the park on a regular basis to build relationships. Over the next decade those "Park Nights" grew into a camp and then an elementary after school program. As students have moved up in school, 2nd Mile had come along with them at each step, adding new programs and new initiatives to fit the changing needs of our students and their families.

Our contact info:

2nd Mile Ministries
Jonathan Blackburn
2nd Mile Ministries Executive Director
(904) 372-3530

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