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Vision Is Priceless

Vision Is Priceless (VIP) is a non-profit organization providing vision care services to St. Johns, Baker, Clay, Nassau, and Duval counties. Our mission is to serve as the premier community resource for improving the vision health of Northeast Florida children and adults through screening, referral, and education.

We are a 501(c) 3 organization staffed wholly with volunteers (no paid employees) promoting diversity, brotherhood, and a historically correct portrayal of the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement.

Annually, Vision Is Priceless screens over 44,000 children and adults in Northeast Florida. Screenings for children ages 3-18 are conducted at charter, private, and religious schools, as well as private VPK centers and childcare facilities. Adult screenings are held at local social service agencies, food pantries, free health clinics, churches, and other public events.

Vision Is Priceless also provides access to vision care services for any low-income, uninsured individual that fails a vision screening. Our volunteer network includes over 80 local eye care professionals who provide over 1,200 free eye exams, 258 specialty services, and 44 surgeries for our clients each year. In addition, Vision Is Priceless distributes 1,015 pairs of prescription glasses and 1,600 reading glasses annually to those in need.

Vision Is Priceless was founded in Jacksonville, FL as a non-profit organization on June 13, 1996 to fill the need in the community for vision screenings. The organization was established by members of the volunteer executive council of the Northeast Region of Prevent Blindness Florida. Financial stability, a decrease in administrative overhead, and an increase in quality for local programs were the benefits of becoming an independent organization.

Research shows that eye health is a significant concern for public health, leading to significant costs on families, the health system, and the overall economy. According to the CDC, the cost of vision problems in 2013 in the U.S. was nearly $145 billion. It is important to prevent avoidable vision loss and provide services that can improve the vision health of individuals in our communities.

VIP has continued to improve vision health outcomes for over two decades in Northeast Florida. Through the generosity of our community, we are able to effectively provide life-changing services to our neighbors in need.

Our contact info:

Vision Is Priceless

3 Shircliff Way
Suite 546
Jacksonville, FL 32204

Contact Name:
Carly Davis
Development and Marketing Specialist
(904) 308-2020


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