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Esperanza is a faith-based nonprofit organization driven by the biblical mandate to "serve the least of these." We work to strengthen Hispanic communities through education, economic development, housing counseling, workforce programming, immigration legal services and advocacy.

Esperanza has been in the business of transforming lives for more than 30 years. Located in the heart of Hispanic Philadelphia, Esperanza works to improve the quality of life for residents of Hunting Park through a variety of comprehensive programs and services. With the support of collaborators across the community, Esperanza is transforming "el barrio" into an opportunity community where our neighbors can enjoy safe streets, good schools, green spaces, vibrant institutions and economic opportunity.

Operating programs in economic development that serve the Latino business district in Hunting Park as well as offering bilingual housing & credit counseling services, Esperanza invests in people and in institutions that drive change. Our nationally ranked schools provide high quality educational programming, with a heavy STEM focus, for neighborhood kids. Academy graduates and adults also gain exposure to college programs at Esperanza College, an accredited branch campus of Eastern University. Community residents can access high quality immigration legal services and job training programs onsite while also learning about living healthier lifestyles through our cleaning & greening initiatives that have produced several community gardens and installed more than 700 neighborhood trees.

Tenemos Esperanza -- We are Hope. We are Transformation. We are Esperanza.

For the last 30 years, Esperanza has been leading the transformation of one of the poorest neighborhoods in Philadelphia-Hunting Park. Hunting Park is home to a significant number of Philadelphia's Hispanic residents, often referred to as the "Hispanic Corridor". Founded in 1987 by Rev. Luis Corte's and the Hispanic Clergy of Philadelphia & Vicinity with the biblical mandate to serve and advocate for "the least of these" (Matthew 25:40) Esperanza was initially created in response to the need for affordable housing in Philadelphia's Hispanic communities. Esperanza has grown into a multi-service educational and community economic development organization operating culturally sensitive programs targeted to address the unmet needs of North Philadelphia's Hispanic community.

Addressing the root causes of systemic poverty, Esperanza invests in institutions that serve as the building blocks for community change. A dedicated staff of more than 400 works from a 17 acre campus that houses award winning charter schools, Esperanza College (a fully accredited branch campus of Eastern University), and the Artístas y Músicos Latino Americanos (AMLA) school of music. In addition to housing these institutions, Esperanza also operates programs focused on housing counseling, community & business development, workforce training and immigration and legal services--all designed to tackle poverty at its root. Within the year we will augment our community assets with the addition of the Esperanza Theater, an arts institution to elevate Latino cultural expression while we celebrate Philadelphia-based artists and institutions.

Looking to the future, Esperanza has ambitious plans to invest in transforming the landscape of Hunting Park from one of poverty to one of OPPORTUNITY by improving the over-all quality of life for each of its residents--ensuring housing affordability, safe and beautiful blocks, high quality educational resources and job training opportunities, access to local cultural attractions and recreation and vibrant business districts.

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For general inquiries contact (215) 324-0746. For media inquiries, email For development inquiries, email If you'd like to know more about our programs and services check us out at

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