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Community Kitchen Inc.


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Community Kitchen Inc.

Community Kitchen, Inc. is a hunger-fighting non-profit organization working to nourish the community and position people for healthier and more productive living. We know that an equitably accessible food system benefits the economy, environment, community, and the individual people living within these systems. We are guided by a philosophy that all people are equally worthy of a seat at the collective table-no matter where they have been or where they are headed.

We are a small team dedicated to serving the community and intervening in the lives of economically fragile and otherwise marginalized human beings to create positive and productive change in their lives. We understand that the meeting of a foundational need--one as basic and fundamental as that for food and nourishment-can fortify a person's capacity to address other needs and contribute to the community in meaningful ways. We nourish people--physically and emotionally--so that they can in turn nourish their own potential, leading to an improved standard of living across domains such as familial, social, and professional. A shared, cost-free meal at an inclusive, welcoming table is often the start of someone's journey from financial fragility toward economic viability...from brokenness toward healing and wellness.

CKI exists to nourish those in need by feeding the body, promoting overall wellbeing, and fostering community connectedness through creation of a welcoming and inclusive space in which all are treated with respect and dignity, and are made to feel comfortable asking for help. We promote stabilization in the lives of clients by providing services in several key areas: 1) provision of nutritious PREPARED MEALS; 2) distribution of personal CARE PACKS with coordination of RELATED SERVICES, such as free vaccinations and health checks; and 3) facilitation of INFORMATION DISSEMINATION and STRATEGIC REFERRALS pertinent to related needs such as shelter, healthcare, and/or material/cash assistance.

Our meal programming includes breakfast and lunch six days a week, as well as periodic family meals and community dinners. At the heart of CKI is this calling to feed its most vulnerable neighbors. CKI envisions--and works to create--a day in our community when hunger and food insecurity are no longer barriers for people to lead productive lives and reach their fullest potential.

Our organization began its journey of service 40 years ago, when a group of dedicated volunteers came together to engage in outreach to those in need. The mission was simple: to feed and care for the hungry. And so, a soup kitchen came into existence to allow even the most vulnerable of community members to have the most basic of their needs met. During its early years, the soup kitchen served a hot lunch five days a week at one location. In 1985, the agency incorporated as a 501(c)(3), forming its own Board of Trustees and identifying an Executive Director. After establishing a secondary site in 2011, CKI began serving two meals a day across both community dining centers. And while, through the years, aspects of our operations have grown and evolved in response to pervasiveness of need and changing community dynamics, CKI has remained steadfast in its commitment to a 'no questions asked' policy, thereby ensuring that no client is ever asked to document her experience of hunger or to justify his need for food. Today, our health and human services organization provides an estimated 100,000 meals a year to those in need of nourishment.

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Community Kitchen Inc.

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