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Gladden Community House


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Gladden Community House

Gladden Community House was founded in 1905 to serve the low-income Franklinton community, which is the oldest community in Central Ohio. We are the hub and essential social support system for Franklinton and the near west side residents of Columbus.

Our mission is to strengthen the well-being of Franklinton's children, families and community and build a thriving, equitable neighborhood. We are a multi-service agency in Columbus providing a broad range of services for children including preschool, afterschool activities, youth food program, and team sports, as well as for adults and families, including emergency assistance, food security and housing stability. Each year our programs and services improve the quality of life for over 12,000 community residents.

Gladden Community House is a trusted family member of Columbus. We are the touchstone of the neighborhood and the thread that weaves through the fabric of Franklinton and the near west side. It is difficult to imagine a single organization being a vital part of the everyday life of a community for over 100 years, but that's just what Gladden Community House has been to the community.

Our contact info:

Gladden Community House

Phone Number: (614) 227-1600
Web Address:
Instagram: @gladdencommunityhouse
Twitter: @gladdenhouse,