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St. Stephen's Community House


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St. Stephen's Community House

St. Stephen's Community House is committed to strengthening families and empowering our community. We understand the physical and mental well-being of our families plays a major roll in the success of that mission. That's why, in August of 2019, we expanded our Food and Nutrition center (food pantry) to include more fresh produce that our families can receive weekly. On average, our Food and Nutrition center sees over 900 unduplicated families a month. This number is expected to rise substantially once these changes take place.

Our Mission
To strengthen families and empower our community.

Our Vision
Linden becomes a community of togetherness with endless opportunities.

Our Values
Faith- We live our faith through service to others and love of neighbor.
Dignity- We recognize the inherent value of all people.
Connections- We build and maintain lasting relationships.
Security- We seek long-term stability for our families, our community, and our organization.
Advocacy- We stand as a voice for the voiceless in Linden.
Impact- We commit to meet the ever-changing needs of our community.

Founded in 1919, St. Stephen's Community House serves the Linden neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio and 11 surrounding zip codes. St. Stephen's Community House commits to strengthening families and empowering the community by serving 22,000 individuals annually through six core service areas, Childcare, Family Services, Senior Services, Youth Services, Neighborhood Services, and an Urban Farm.

Nearly each decade since its founding in 1919, St. Stephen's Community House's outreach has shifted. In the 1920s, the facility was expanded to include a gymnasium and showers. In the 1940s, the community house became a place to support family life fractured by men sent off to war or women to work. The post-war years saw an increase in supervised play for adolescents and a new focus on migrant workers coming to Columbus from Appalachia.

In the early 1960s, the agency moved to the greatly underserved Linden community. Keeping those that were served at St. Stephen's Community house at the forefront, while also being mindful of the partnership with the community- the community helped define the resources they needed and how they were delivered.

When the community said it needed health support, St. Stephen's opened a health center in 1975. When the community needed a place for children to play, it built a new community center, completed in 1983. When the community needed better childcare options, it created a daycare, and other educational services throughout the 1990s.

"I'm proud of the work we've done and will continue doing, so long as the community needs us," CEO, Marilyn Mehaffie says.

Our contact info:

St. Stephen's Community House

Phone Number: 614-294-6347