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Family Ties, Family Resource Services


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Family Ties, Family Resource Services

Family Ties, Family Resource Services is a children's and family crisis and advocacy center. Although our core purpose is to provide free victim services to all survivors and their families through our crisis intervention programs, we also know that primary prevention, awareness, and community involvement are paramount in ending the cycle of abuse (in all its forms).

We currently have offices in Waller and Cypress, Texas and primarily serve counties in the Northwest Houston area (Northwest Harris, Waller, Austin, Grimes and Washington counties).

Family Ties provides free intervention and advocacy services for victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, homicide, suicide, and other family crisis issues. Our core purpose is to help each survivor on their path of healing.

As we strive to end the cycle of violence and abuse, our D.R.I.V.E. Program (Developing Respect, Integrity, Vision, and Empathy) allows us to visit schools (K-12) and teach kids about safe and healthy relationship. Not only do we want to prevent victimization, but we also want the children to think about their choices, in order to avoid dangerous situations.

Through our intervention and prevention efforts, we have seen a trend in homeless youth victims of crime. Many of these individuals have aged out of the system and are left to navigate adulthood without guidance. Our youth transitional housing (The Mueller House: Where Smiles and Dreams Happen) removes financial barriers and provides basic needs so these youth can focus on college applications, completing a trade program, or entering the work force. Our goal is to empower these youth to strive for financial independence and emotional health.

All services provided by Family Ties, encompass our mission of "Bringing Children's Safety to the Forefront"!

Family Ties, Family Resource Services was founded in February of 2007 by Heather M. Stautmeister. Beginning as a grass roots organization, Family Ties has grown to include 12+ employees and to serve more than 1,100 survivors each year.

Family Ties started as a children and family crisis center, focusing on the emotional health of young survivors and their families. As we heard their stories and worked closely with many families, we realized that primary prevention was vital in combating the cycle of violence and abuse.

This insight led Family Ties to begin their primary prevention program, known as D.R.I.V.E. (Developing Respect, Integrity, Vision, and Empathy), teaching characteristics we feel are vital in developing a safer society. The D.R.I.V.E. program can now be found in 4 school districts and more than 18 campuses (K-12) with developmentally appropriate materials.

As the organization continued to grow, Family Ties' intervention, prevention, advocacy, and housing programs have developed as we further serve survivors and tackle violence.

Our mission continues to put kids first as we strive in "Bringing Children's Safety to the Forefront".

Our contact info:

Family Ties, Family Resource Services
Website: www.familytiesfrs.org
Phone: (936) 931-2299
Email: shaela@familytiesfrs.org
Waller Address: 2114 Field Store Road, Waller, TX 77484
Cypress Address: 16314 Mueshke Road Suite 110, Cypress, TX 77433