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We are people of faith and community members who want to help others in ways that are both effective and compassionate.

MAM staff and volunteers work with families to assure that they can stay in their homes (we help with rent and utility bills), get urgent health care (with benefits application assistance and payment for doctor visits and prescriptions), have appropriate clothing for work and school, have gas or bus money. People also come to MAM for help finding a job, vocational training, learning English, becoming a US Citizen, speak to lawyers about Immigration or family law, have counseling and learn household financial management. We even offer an alternative to payday loans through FIG loans.

Houston faced a city-wide financial crisis in the early 1980's when families were literally going from church to church for help with basic needs. The church leaders quickly realized that they needed to work together to create a social safety net during this crisis. MAM was born to be a local community response to the local economic crisis. Now, during good times and tough times, MAM is here to help those who cannot maintain sufficient income to support their families on a regular basis. We help working families to be stable and improve their circumstances.

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Sandy Staffeld
713 468-4816 ext. 106