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At SEARCH Homeless Services, we believe that everyone deserves a place to call home, and for 30 years, SEARCH has been working to help thousands of homeless men, women, and children find their way back home.

On any given night, 4,100 people in Houston are homeless. Over the course of a year, 58,000 people in our community will experience homelessness. SEARCH works with these individuals and families to support them through each step of their journey from homelessness back into stable homes and self-sufficient lives.

SEARCH is also a leader and key player in The Way Home, an ambitious community-wide effort to end homelessness in Houston. Through this unprecedented collaboration, Houston has reduced homelessness by 54% over the past eight years, housed more than 17,000 individuals, and become a model for the rest of the nation in how to address this challenging societal issue. SEARCH is proud to have been a major contributor to this success.

As SEARCH celebrates our 30th anniversary this year, we remain committed to serving our neighbors who are experiencing homelessness and to our vision of a day when no one must sleep on the streets.

At SEARCH, we meet our clients where they are and serve them with dignity and respect as we help them regain stability and independence. Street Outreach and Navigation - SEARCH engages with individuals living on the streets to help them through the process of becoming housed.

Housing Support - Once clients have been placed into homes, our case managers wrap them with ongoing support to help them stabilize their lives by increasing their income, improving their health, building community, and learning to thrive in their new environments.

Early Childhood Education - SEARCH's House of Tiny Treasures preschool serves children whose families are or recently have been homeless. At HTT, we are investing in the next generation to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness by providing our young students with a vital preschool education and the promise of a brighter future.

Last year,
SEARCH served 4,070 clients through our core programs
Our Outreach teams assisted 1,497 individuals living on the streets.
We helped 435 individuals and families successfully move into homes of their own.
Our preschool served 139 children and their families.
We have over 700 clients housed whom we continue to work with on an ongoing basis.

SEARCH was founded in 1989 by a group of concerned citizens who were deeply concerned about Houston's growing homeless population. SEARCH began as a day shelter offering basic support services including showers, laundry, and meals to address the needs of individuals living on the streets. As more families with young children became homeless, SEARCH's House of Tiny Treasures was added to provide daycare and early childhood education.

Over the past 30 years, SEARCH's programs have evolved and expanded in response to the community's needs, and SEARCH has become the leading organization in Houston helping homeless individuals take action, build a healthier life, and regain their independence. Our efforts now go beyond the provision of basic services that merely manage the problem to providing services that solve the issue. Today, SEARCH's work is carried out through individualized case management and supportive services that help our clients every step of the way from the streets back into housing, work, and self-sufficiency. Homelessness is a solvable issue, and SEARCH is working to make homelessness in Houston rare, brief, and nonrecurring. SEARCH remains dedicated to our mission of providing hope, creating opportunity, and transforming lives and to our vision of a Houston without homelessness.

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