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Coalition for the Homeless

The mission of the Coalition for the Homeless is to prevent and end homelessness in Louisville through education, advocacy, and the coordination of our 30+ member agencies and dozens of community partners. We have been the lead advocate for the homeless since 1986, when we were founded through a County task force after several people died on Louisville's streets.

We value collaboration, strategic partnerships, social change, and a commitment to getting things done. We think that every person deserves to live with dignity and security, not on our streets. We are committed to the belief that the best homeless services focus on prevention.

Our programs address the root causes of homelessness and make services more cost effective, efficient, and compassionate.

Our member agencies provide housing, food, clothing, healthcare, counseling, and legal services to the homeless - from veterans living on the streets to families living out of their cars.

Our job is to evaluate the needs of the homeless and of our agencies, to identify and address gaps in service community-wide, and to implement smart, long-term solutions. We serve as a catalyst, an advocate, and a driving force that moves all of our partners toward long-term solutions.

We know that no single person or organization can solve the complex problem of homelessness. But we do believe that, together, through intensive collaboration and relentless focus on our ultimate goal, we can end homelessness in Louisville.

Through highly collaborative, focused campaigns, the Coalition and our partners came together to reduce chronic homelessness by half in Louisville and all homeless veterans can now access shelter and housing without a wait. Now, we are rallying the expertise of 79 different community partners toward the shared goal of ending young adult homelessness. Since launching this initiative in 2017, youth homelessness is down 67%, and we are on track to reach zero by the end of 2020.

Homelessness is an issue of poverty and failed community supports. It is a complex community problem, but one we can solve if we decide it's important.

No Louisvillian should have to live or die on our streets. Join us and become an advocate for our most vulnerable neighbors. Together, we can end homelessness in Louisville.

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Coalition for the Homeless