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Home of the Innocents


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Home of the Innocents

Home of the Innocents enriches the lives of children and families with hope, health, and happiness.

Established in 1880, the Home provides a range of important residential and community-based programs. The Home provides our community with a range of important residential, treatment and community-based programs, more details of which can be found in the services section of this website.

Our programs include offering a safe haven for at-risk children, pediatric medical care, shelter and education for pregnant and parenting teens, crisis and intervention services, clinical treatment services, and therapeutic loving foster and adoption services.

The Home also operates a pediatric convalescent center for children who are dependent on technology to sustain life, as well as children who are terminally ill.

Thanks to our many supporters, we operate world-class facilities that impact children's lives throughout our region. For many of these children, this is where hope begins.

The Home really is the heart of our city.

The Home provides residential care for children who have been abused, neglected or abandoned. This can mean a couple of days or, in some cases, several years. We also works to improve lives throughout our community, not just through residential care. Our community services help with the transition to independent living and adulthood by providing a healthy environment for young adults to become successful parents, and for family relationships to move into a better place.

The Kosair Charities Pediatric Convalescent Center is our skilled nursing facility, providing short-term, long-term, and respite care for children from birth to age 21. We care for children who face significant medical, developmental, and physical disabilities, many of whom require ventilator support.

Open Arms Children's Health is a service of Home of the Innocents providing compassionate care for all of our community's children. Open Arms meets the medical, dental and behavioral needs of children, including those who have special needs. Children can see a doctor, dentist, or behavioral health therapist by simply walking from one exam room to another. Open Arms also provides pediatric audiology services as well as outpatient physical, speech, and occupational therapies, and an on-site pharmacy that is open to the public.

Home of the Innocents is the region's open arms to kids in crisis. We are a community of dedicated people providing the skills and opportunities by which vulnerable children, youth and their families may improve their lives.

The Home was founded in 1880. In 1972 we moved to a facility at 505 East Chestnut Street. Soon after, we took over child care programs previously run by the County government, and pediatric services formerly provided by the Jewish Home for Convalescent Children.

After more than a century of modest growth, the Home then expanded rapidly between 1995 and 2015.

That expansion was made possible primarily through the creation of the Joan E. Thomas Children's Village in 2003. The 20-acre village, located in what we now call NuLu, provides sufficient space and amenities to enable the Home to accommodate the needs of our community's vulnerable children.

As the Home now approaches one-and-a-half centuries of providing care, hope, and love for our society's most vulnerable, we now offer care and assistance to over 6,000 children and families each year. The Home has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Yet our mission remains the same.

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Home of the Innocents